Kanata South Kumon Centre

5 - 430 Hazeldean Road, Kanata, ON, K2L 1T9


Kumon with Kanata South has been a great learning tool for us. We have learned how to independently study and manage our time. Our school work seems easier for us because we are confident in ourselves and our abilities.

Roya, Kian & Adam A.

After settling into the Kumon method with Kanata South Kumon, I quickly found myself to be more studious. Before going there, I would have never imagined myself going out of my way to do extra homework with 30 minutes of my spare time every day.

I became more open-minded as the Instructor at Kanata South Kumon demonstrated that there is always more than one way to approach and ultimately, solve a problem. The everyday, slowly incrementing in difficulty exercises, became a routine.

Gradually, concepts ahead of my school grade stuck to my brain. The worksheets consistently built upon the foundation of knowledge fermented in the previous pages to help me move forward. I started with fractions which progressed in an organized fashion to single-variable algebra and later, calculus…

I have found myself with a good work ethic and suddenly, a strong passion for mathematics. My enthusiasm in the field carried on long after level O, as I ventured through the X levels. Looking back, there were hardships where I felt like giving up, but small events do not represent the entire journey, which, for me, has come to largely define who I am.

Stephen X.

Our daughter has been attending Kanata Kumon-South since Dec 2011. We’ve been completely happy with our experience.

Right away, Sally and her wonderful staff made us feel comfortable. Our daughter has special needs and is homeschooled. We were initially hesitant about the value of the Kumon approach in our particular circumstances. How wrong we were!!!

Our daughter’s ability to complete her homeschool tasks has been enhanced by the positive routine at Kanata South Kumon. We also appreciate how this routine is adapted when she comes up against something she doesn’t know. She is gently reminded that she can do something, she just has to try and eventually it will happen. Whenever there has been something that Sally noticed, she would bring it to our attention right away. Something that she would start doing to help our daughter or something we could be doing at home to make her Kumon experience even better.

Even when staff changes have occurred (as with any business), it has been handled so well, our daughter hasn’t been negatively affected by it. Kanata South Kumon continues to be a place where our daughter feels challenged and looks forward to attending.

Olivia M.

I have two children who practiced Kumon while they were attending school from grade 1 to grade 12. Their strength was not math and it was very difficult for us, the parents, to convey our math skills to them. We had considered a few well-known tutoring services in our area before we sent them to Kumon.

We picked Kumon because we wanted our children to learn the “Do-It-Yourself” way instead of learning math from a private tutor or teacher. My older child took Math and the other did English and Math.

They went to the Kanata South Kumon Centre regularly to return their homework and to pick up the new assignments. Kanata South Kumon asked us to correct their work, but we let them mark the work themselves (i.e. DIY approach). We inspected their work before they handed it in though.

To my children, the Kumon exercises seemed easy and boring during at first. We explained to them the importance of building up patience and discipline through repetition. We aimed for the long-term gains in their mental math skills.

We loved the well planned exercises that Kanata South Kumon staff prepared for our children. They learned different ways to solve the same problem, worked on their mental calculation and reasoning skills and improve their problem-solving techniques.
We were lucky that we lived close to Kanata South Kumon. The Kanata South Kumon is clean and well organized. The seating arrangement in the classroom is super. The learning atmosphere is just as great for young learners and high school students.

Tammy & Tim P.